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Committee work continues with face to face meetings replaced by video and telephone conferencing and email conversations.

This year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been put on hold as a result of the Coronavirus, but the Society's constitution restricts the length of time a member can hold office, therefore it has been necessary to make new officer appointments to the Executive Committee. These will be submitted for formal approval at the rescheduled AGM.

Paul Burall, Chair, has stepped down from the Executive Committee and will be replaced by the current Vice Chair, Barry Howell. The office of Vice Chair will be filled by Jon Boon, Chair of the Planning Appraisal Committee and the Treasurer, Neil Sturgeon will continue in post for a further two years. Deborah Bourassa has also stepped down from the Committee. The Committee hope to co-opt new members to the Executive Committee to be formally approved at the AGM.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for running the affairs of the Society. The members of the Committee are also Trustees. The Committee receives recommendations from its subsidiary committees and representatives, and establishes coherent views and strategies.

Executive Committee Members

Barry Howell - Acting Chair

Jon Boon - Acting Vice Chair

David Taylor - Honorary Secretary

Neil Sturgeon - Honorary Treasurer

Paul Watson - Chair of the Conservation and Development Committee

Kate Nash - Representative for the Community and Environment Committee

Mary Ash

Simeon Jackson

Conservation and Development Committee

The Conservation and Development Committtee (CDC) chaired by Paul Watson, aims to promote the interests of the entire historic environment with particular emphasis on listed or locally listed buildings, scheduled ancient monuments and other monuments. This includes individual buildings or groups of buildings and their setting such as Elm Hill and the City wall.

Planning Appraisal Committee

The aim of the Planning Appraisal Committee (PAC) chaired by Jon Boon is to champion the City’s historic heritage in the context of the existing cityscape to ensure sympathetic renovation of existing buildings and to encourage good modern architecture.

Each month members inspect pre-selected important or controversial applications submitted to Norwich City Council’s Planning Department. The plans are available at the Planning Office on the second floor of City Hall, and the lists and plans are also available on line here.

Coronavirus impact: As one would expect, there are currently less planning applications being submitted but PAC continues to monitor and forward comments to Norwich City Council's Planning Applications Committee

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Strategic Planning and Transport Committee

The Strategic Planning and Transport Committee (SPTC) is currently chaired by Michael Jordan and aims to consider any or all matters, including developments, plans, legislation and regulations, that affect planning and transportation within the Greater Norwich area, with particular reference to how they may affect quality of life, the historic character of the City and standards of new development and design.

The Committee will take the strategic view, looking ahead and formulating its views in as proactive a manner as possible. It may be prompted by external initiatives, but matters for consideration may also originate within the Committee in anticipation of future trends and expected changes.

Civic Environment Committee

The Civic Environment Committee (CEC) chaired by John Trevelyan works to ensure that the City is maintained to the highest standards with regard to cleanliness and appearance. As a result of active monitoring by the Committee, concerns and observations will be put in a constructive and co-operative manner to the local authority.

Publicity & Events Committee

The Publicity & Events Committee (PEC) chaired by Vanessa Trevelyan aims to create and monitor all services and benefits that the Society offers to our members, including the Society events programme, publications, newsletters and other communications via the website and social media. The PEC raises awareness of the Society’s activities with the public and other organisations and encourages volunteers involvement.

The Norwich Society Book Club

The Norwich Society Book Club meet during the winter months from October to April. They usually meet every six weeks in the Millennium Library (although currently taking place online) and discuss pre-selected books and related topics about Norfolk and Norwich's history. This year, The Book Club is looking at books relating to the 19th century.

The book club hopes to be able start meeting in the library again in the autumn and will post dates and details of texts here in due course.

New members are always welcome. Contact us for more details if you would like to join.

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​The Norwich Society Historians Group

The Norwich Society Historians Day Time Talks are a series of talks with speakers offering a wide range of Norwich History topics, usually showcasing their findings from their research and discussing how they carried out this research.

The talks take place in the Auditorium in The Forum, Millenium plain.

View details of the next Historians Talk

There is also a Historians Facebook Forum, for members to share ideas, research, comments and questions with like minded people. We welcome all requests to join, you do not need to be a member of the Society, we'd love to hear from you.