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Anglia Square

The Norwich Society shares the aspirations of the City Council and the developers for the successful regeneration Anglia Square in a manner which preserves and enhances the special historic character of the area. However, the Society believes that the original scheme and subsequent revisions will not achieve our aspirations and therefore we recommend it should be rejected.

The developers’ consultants have referenced the Conservation Area Appraisals and Historic England’s research into the historic development of Norwich which set out the civic and built heritage we enjoy in our city today. Importantly, the consultants have also recognised the damage wrought on the area in the 1960’s and 1970’s by the inner ring road alignment with its flyover, with the excessive bulk of buildings erected for H M Stationery Office, and with the subsequent but never completed Anglia Square development.

The Norwich Society also welcomes the developers’ consultants’ awareness that the current buildings on Anglia Square are out of scale with the 2-3 storey buildings in the Conservation Areas surrounding the site. Many of these buildings are listed as heritage assets that have significant settings within a historic city that is recognised nationally as having the largest extant area of medieval streets enclosed by a defensive wall.

The Norwich Society acknowledges that the developers have produced a master plan design that is, at least in site layout terms, a distinct improvement on the 2009 and 2013 permissions. The improvements made to the site’s permeability and the re-establishment of historic routes provided by St George’s Street and Botolph Street are welcomed.

Press release, May 2021: The Norwich Society welcomes a new opportunity for Anglia Square development

Following Weston Homes announcement last month that they will no longer be challenging the Secretary of State’s rejection of their plans for Anglia Square in the High Court, The Norwich Society looks forward to seeing a better way forward for the area.

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The Public Enquiry

The Society has submitted a Statement of Case to the public enquiry which will commence in January 2020.

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Why we oppose the Anglia Square proposals

The Norwich Society has registered to be a full participant in the three-week inquiry into the plans for the redevelopment of Anglia Square.

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Open Letter

The Norwich Society submitted an open letter, signed by its committee members and representatives of Norwich groups and organisations to Norwich City Council's Planning Committee for consideration at their meeting on 6th December 2018. The letter outlined the objections the Society has to the development proposals for Anglia Square.

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Revised Scheme

The changes in this revised application are minor and the scheme retains the original density ambition that is far too high, resulting in a mass and scale of over-development that, combined with poor architectural design, would damage the unique character of Norwich. Our objections to the original scheme remain valid.

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Original Scheme

This is the Norwich Society's full response to the original scheme and should be read in conjunction with the subsequent response to the revised scheme.

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