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Supporting Cycling and Walking

Norwich Society calls for the implementation of Immediate Measures to Support Cycling and Walking in this press release from May 2020.



The Society has long been working to control the number and siting of ‘A’ boards in City centre streets. These are not only a visual intrusion but often create an obstruction for pedestrians and can cause a danger for people who are visually impaired.


Anglia Square

Following the Secretary of State’s refusal of permission for the previous scheme in 2020, and the abandonment of the developer’s initial application for judicial review, we have been heartened by the willingness of all parties to look afresh at the challenge and opportunity that Anglia Square offers. It is much to the credit of both the City Council and the developer that an extensive programme of public engagement is now under way. The Society is participating fully in this process. We have joined the Community Design Panel which is currently being facilitated by Design South East and to date have also had three productive meetings with the developer’s design team.

We are committed to working constructively in this process in the search for a solution that could enhance the city and be brought to fruition. In our estimation it would be a collective failing on all our parts if history repeated itself here.