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The Planning Appraisal Committee (PAC) only applications which are within the Norwich City Council area. It will only consider an application which lies outside the Council’s jurisdiction if it is a major scheme which will have an impact on the City itself.

Every planning application in the City is posted on Norwich City Council’s website where members of the public can view and comment on them.

The PAC Chairman looks at every application – around 100 per month - and shortlists those which fall within the PAC’s terms of reference. These terms of reference focus on their impact on the heritage, built form and public environment of their surroundings. We therefore do not consider applications such as rear extensions, changes of use (which do not significantly change the building’s appearance), and permitted development (where consent is automatic).

We look at most larger applications, such as individual or groups of new dwellings, commercial and retail schemes. We especially consider applications which involve demolition or significant alterations, and those which affect listed buildings. Proposals within Conservation Areas will also be scrutinised more closely.

However size is not always a consideration in what we review. We are concerned for example about small front extensions which may affect the architectural consistency of a row of terraces, or changes of materials in front elevations - we will usually object to replacing timber windows with uPVC. We also look at shop signage which by its size or design detracts from the façade on which it is placed.

We welcome pre-planning presentations from developers or consultants for larger schemes. The Committee has professional expertise, including architects, planners, and a former Planning Inspector, and we are always pleased to provide pro-active advice.

It is important to emphasise that we are not just trying to preserve what is existing for its own sake. Of course we will fight to protect important architectural heritage and the built environment, but we are equally supportive of new development if it is of good architectural quality and appropriate for its setting and context. It is for this reason that we host the biennial Norwich Society Design Awards to showcase the best examples of modern design in the City.

Of the 20 or 30 schemes per month which fall into the above remit, about half have a potential impact and are selected for review at our monthly committee meeting. Where we feel there are issues of concern, we will submit comments to the planning department for consideration as part of the decision process. Conversely we will voice our support for an application if we feel it makes a positive contribution and is a design of high architectural quality.

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Planning Appraisal Committee Comments December 2018

18/00952/O - Enterprise Garage, Starling Road.

Outline app. for development of 21 flats.

There were some concerns about the details shown but as this is an outline application this was not relevant at this stage and we welcomed this redevelopment proposal in principle.

18/01749/F and 18/01750/L - 24 Cattle Market Street.

Refurbishment of Crystal House and redevelopment of remainder as 9 apartments with 6 car parking spaces.

This appeared to be a significant improvement on the previous scheme for the site – less visible from outside the front of the site and less height within the redeveloped part. Chair to contact Case Officer to check details, but subject to this we support the proposal.

18/01744/F - 34 Cunningham Road

Extensions to side and rear and change of use to 9-bed HMO.

This proposal would see the development of the whole site with no remaining useable amenity space except to the street frontage. It would create a very unsightly precedent for other corner plots in the neighbourhood and would lead to significant loss of amenity to neighbouring residents. Agreed to object strongly on these grounds.

18/01721/F - 2 Edgeworth Road

Single storey rear extension to create HMO of 7 bedrooms.

No comment.

18/01794/F – 45 Gilbard Road

Front, rear and side extensions to create HMO (7 beds)

This was a resubmission after refusal of a previous scheme. Chair to check what we said previously and to repeat it or amend. The proposal would make the front elevation oddly disproportionate, but the rear changes would not have any detrimental effect.

18/01772/F – 28 Mousehold Lane

79 bed Care Home and 42 room supported living accommodation.

The proposal represented three storey development of a site previously identified for housing purposes. We support the principle of using it for a Care Home and Supported Living accommodation and the design seems acceptable.

18/01801/F – 18 Earlham Green Lane

Rear extension and change of use to HMO.

The property is already in use as student accommodation and the changes proposed would not be particularly harmful to amenity.

18/01766/O – 174 Newmarket Road

Outline application for subdivision of plot and one new dwelling.

The proposed development is at the rear of the plot and not visible from Newmarket Road. No objection.

18/01620/F – 9 Bracondale

Subdivide plot, demolish stable building, one new dwelling.

The dwelling has been reduced in size from previous proposal. No objection.

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments November 2018

18/01524/F Mary Chapman Court Norwich

Demolition of student accommodation block, erection of new build academic and residential accommodation for Norwich University of the Arts, including works to riverside walk and other associated external works

18/01583/U 36 Primula Drive Norwich NR4 7LZ

Change of use and conversion of garage to 10 bed HMO (Class Sui Generis)

We object to this application as it represents overdevelopment of the site

18/01552/F Car Park Rear of Premier Travel Inn Duke Street Norwich

Redevelopment of car park site to provide student accommodation

Our comments on the previous application 17/01078/F were: 'We object strongly to this proposal. It represents overdevelopment of the site and will create a canyon effect along the river frontage'

The scheme is improved in that one storey has been removed from the Duke Street frontage and its return; also it has been set further away from Jane Austen College. However the building remains directly on the riverside so our concerns regarding the canyon effect in relation to the River remain.

18/01439/O 51 Wendene Norwich NR5 9HA

Outline application to demolish the existing building and nearby outbuilding and create three new dwelling houses

The policies map shows that this site causes a break in the woodland corridor. Presumably this was acceptable at the time because the site itself formed part of the public green infrastructure corridor (and indeed there is a bushy area of landscaping beside the police station which facilitates this). However this would be broken by developing it as shown on their outline plan, and we consider therefore that three houses is too many for this site, but one or perhaps two could be acceptable (probably one semi-detached block), provided that landscaping could be conditioned to ensure that the frontage along Wendene can continue to function as a green infrastructure corridor.

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments September 2018

18/01222/F Garden Land Rear of 129 - 131 Unthank Road Norwich

Construction of 2 No. dwellings

We support the innovative & attractive scheme Hudson Architects & would encourage its approval.

18/01287/L 18/ 01286/F Barrack Street Development Site Barrack Street Norwich

Demolition of existing buildings and structures; erection of 218 dwellings; reinstatement of two Grade II Listed Cottages, erection of 447sqm of commercial floorspace (Class A1-A5 use) with associated works.

See link below for detailed reponse.

18/01315/F Car Park Barn Road Norwich

Construction of 302 student bedroom courtyard development above a car park of 128 spaces and associated landscaping

See link below for detailed response

18/01441/F Tuckswood Police Station Hall Road Norwich NR1 2SA

Hybrid Application seeking change of use to convert the existing Tuckswood Police Building into a residential dwelling, and outline planning permission for the demolition of the existing Police Box and erection of 4no apartments.

We have no particular comments about this application, but note that the change in operational requirements by the Norfolk Constabulary will result in a series of redundant mid C20 police stations evocative of a particular era. Due to their strategic locations, we suggest a policy be formulated for reuse as public amenity to improve existing communities.

18/01430/F 373 Bowthorpe Road Norwich

NR5 8AG Single storey front extension

The proposed front addition is cumbersome, especially in this crossroads location.

See detailed response to Barrack Street and Barn Road applications

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments September 2018

18/01217/F – Land to the South West of 1-9 Catton View Court

Construction of two bedroom dwelling house

We query any neighbour rights to the green space and whether better management of the car parking in the area could be achieved.

18/01204/F – 7 Crummock Road

Two storey side and rear extensions and change of use to 8 bedroom HMO (sui generis).

This proposal is over development of the site and out of proportion with the design of the existing estate. Another example of a family home being lost to provide an HMO.

18/01287/L & 18/01286/F – Development site, Barrack Street

Demolition of existing buildings and structures; erection of 218 dwellings; reinstatement of two Grade II listed cottages; erection of 447 sqm of commercial floorspace (Class A1-A5 use) with associated works.

Agreed that members should study the plans more closely before making any comments. The lack of affordable housing is a concern. JB to discuss with Paul Burrell. MJ agreed to collate any comments and try to arrange a presentation by Fielden & Mawson.

18/01190/O – The Bungalow, Eaton Chase

Outline application including masters of access, layout and scale for the erection of 8 No two storey dwellings and associated works.

The committee were concerned about the loss of this woodland area and SO agreed to check the on-line ecological report.

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments August 2018

18/01082/F and 18/01083/L – Norwich Castle Museum

Internal and external alterations to the Castle Keep

We are very supportive of this work, the comprehensive approach being taken and will be interested in how it looks when completed.

18/01011/F – Car Park, Rear of Earlham House, Earlham Road

Construction of 2 No dwelling houses.

We consider this a good architectural design but are concerned that the site is very tight.

18/01104/F – 2 Quebec Road

Single storey side and rear extension (retrospective).

The extension as built is higher than the original application and therefore dominates the site and is not in keeping within this conservation area. The architectural elevation is misleading. We deplore the fact that the original permission was altered and consider this to be unacceptable.

18/01113/F and 18/01114/A – 6 Back of the Inns

Convert six first floor windows to opening doors with Juliette balconies and timber planter boxes (three with advertisements).

We support this application which will enhance the building.

18/01121/F – 52 Earlham Green Lane

Demolition of house, construction of 1 No 8 bed student accommodation and 1 No 2 bed bungalow.

We object to this further HMO in this area and using the garden to build the bungalow.

18/01088/F – 40 Bull Close

Extension of existing block of 5 No flats to provide 7 No flats.

This is a very poor standard of design in a conservation area. The building has potential for development but this does not enhance it in any way. To knock down the existing extension and start again would be a better option.

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments July 2018

18/00917/0 – Constitution Motors, Constitution Hill

Outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of up to 14 dwellings.

We support this design in principle but if adjoining property is residential, block 11-14 is very close to the boundary and issues of overlooking may need to be addressed.

18/00956/F – Land under Magdalen Street flyover

Installation of prefabricated shipping containers to provide flexible commercial uses (Classes A1, A3, A4, A5, B1) at ground and first floor level with association plant, event space, market stalls, toilets, ancillary management and storage facilities, with associated means of access, landscaping and other associated work, external stairs and a lift facilitating access to first floor and up to a first floor mezzanine level to 1-6 Sovereign Way, for a temporary period of 10 years.

We support this initiative and hope it will be of benefit to the local community.

18/00846/F – 45 Gilbard Road

Two storey side extension, single storey front and rear extensions, Change of use to 9 bed HMO (Sui generis.)Once again we are concerned about a family home being taken off the market and becoming an HMO.

The plans are over-bearing on the site and extend too far to the front, ruining the corner.

1801026/F – The Alders, Cooper Lane, New dwelling

The proposed dwelling is of a very good contemporary design which we support. However, we are concerned that it may be within the River Valley Policy area. We are also concerned about the principle of developing in the river valley.

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments June 2018

18/00665/F – 21 Montcalm Road
Single storey extension to front
This proposal should be refused as very badly designed.

18/00521/F – Land adjacent to former Shoemaker PH, Enfield Road
Construction of building containing eighteen student flats with new refused compound
This application is acceptable for this site and will be an improvement.

18/00814/F – 10 Lion Wood Road
Two storey front extension
We object to this application which is out of character and destroys the proportions of the adjoining properties.

1800827/F – 27 Rosebery Road
Construction of porch to front elevation
The addition of this porch would set an unfortunate precedent and spoil the architecture of the doorway and streetscape.

18/00771/F – 54 West End Street
First floor extension with external alterations
This is gross over-development and a poor quality design. We question whether planning permission was obtained for the previous extensions.

18/00787/L – The Thatched Cottage, St Swithin’s Alley
Single storey rear extension, attic conversion and internal and external alterations.
We are concerned about the large piece of wall being removed to access the rear extension. Three dormers are too many and the central one should be omitted. There is an awkward junction between chimney stack which could be adjusted. We question if Historic England will have a view on this proposed alteration to what is one of the few historic thatched houses left in the city and its character should be respected.

18/00615/F – Land adjacent to 2 South Park Avenue
Erection of two dwellings
We support this innovative design and are pleased to see this site being developed.

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments May 2018

18/00544/F – 21 Sotherton Road
Single storey extension with associated alterations to create 7 bed large HMO (Sui generis)
We endorse the objections of the local residents. This is over development of a small plot in a cul de sac.

18/00534/F – The Cock Inn, Long John Hill
Change of use to residential (Class C3) demolition of part of existing building and construction of 2 No dwellings
The changes to the original plans are an improvement for this important site.

18/00572/L and 18/00571/F – Town Close Preparatory School
Demolition of single storey additions to principle building. Construction of new two storey building with ancillary accommodation. Minor internal alterations to listed building.
We support these well designed plans.

18/00503/O and 18/00504/O – St Peter’s Methodist Church, Park Lane
Comments on this application will follow pending discussions about retention of the church on the Norwich Society Local List.

Graphic House, 120 Thorpe Road
Change of use from offices (Class B1) to HMO/student accommodation (Sui Generis) at ground floor, with associated construction of new 3rd storey. Installation of new external lift to front elevation and replacement fenestration.
With have no problems with the conversion of this building to flats but deplore the addition of the extra floors as this will have a detrimental visual impact and is out of scale with the surroundings.

18/00648/U (previous application 18/00023/U) – 6 St Matthew’s Road
Change of use to large HMO (Class Sui Generis)
We repeat our previous comments made in February 2018:
“We support the comments of the local residents and deplore the loss of this substantial family home.”

18/000641/F and 18/000642/F – The Boar’s Head Yard and 1-17 Westlegate
We approve these plans in principle but more work is needed on the St Stephen’s/Westlegate elevations at their junction. A more sensitive design is needed.

18/00487/L – Marchaunts Place, 41 All Saints’ Green
Interior and exterior alterations as part of conversion to 9 apartments.
We welcome these plans to see this building improved.

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments April 2018

18/00372/O – Norwich Community Hospital, Bowthorpe Road
Outline application including matters of access for redevelopment of the site
The Committee would like to request a presentation of these plans if possible and members were urged to read the very considered comments submitted by the Residents’ Group.

18/00338/F – 152 Gypsy Lane
Two storey and single storey rear extension to form 2 No self-contained flats
This is over development and the scale is appalling. We support the neighbours’ objections.

18/00437/F – Car Park adjacent to Sentinel House, Surrey Street
Redevelopment of the site to provide 252 student bedroom development with associated access and landscaping.
Notwithstanding the changes made and the revised proposal, our previous comments still apply:
“We sympathise with the concerns of local residents. This is insensitive and over development of this important site with a minimum of green space. It will dominate visually the existing listed terrace.”

Planning Appraisals Committee Comment March 2018

18/00168/F - 2 Wellington Road
Demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of 1 No three bed dwelling.
We agree with the view of the neighbour at No 24 that the proposed development is too large and over-shadows the neighbouring properties. There is no need for the front enclosure wall to be retained. A lower wall would improve visibility and be more in line with the rest of the street frontage.

18/000172/F - Conifers, 9 Upton Close
Two storey side, front and rear extension, changes to fenestration, changes to roof form, changes to boundary wall and driveway arrangements.
The proposal is out of character and scale for the area and far too big for the site, impacting on the neighbouring house.

18/00062/F – Rear of St Faith’s House, Mountergate
Demolition of existing commercial buildings and redevelopment of site to include construction of 20 no. dwellings and commercial ground floor fronting Mountergate. Conversion and change of use of St Faiths House to 5 no. residential flats (Class C3)
We support this scheme except for the block on the Mountergate frontage which should be more sympathetic to the adjacent Weavers’ House.

17/01295/F - Car Park adjacent to Sentinel House
Redevelopment of suite to provide 307 student bedroom development with associated access and landscaping.
This is a new application that is under review.
Our previous comments were :
“We sympathise with the many concerns of local residents.This is insensitive over development of this important site with a minimum of green space.It will dominate visually the existing listed terrace.”

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments February 2018

18/00058/F – 41- 43 St Augustine’s Street
Demolition of existing building. Erection of 10 No flats with 1 No retail unit on ground floor level.
It will be good to see an improvement to this locality. However, the height and squareness of the proposed building is rather dominating and the eaves could line up with the shop. A mansard roof would be more in keeping with the setting and this is an opportunity for a more imaginative way of turning the corner.

18/00058/F – 41- 43 St Augustine’s Street
Demolition of existing building. Erection of 10 No flats with 1 No retail unit on ground floor level.
It will be good to see an improvement to this locality. However, the height and squareness of the proposed building is rather dominating and the eaves could line up with the shop. A mansard roof would be more in keeping with the setting and this is an opportunity for a more imaginative way of turning the corner.

18/00023/U – 6 St Matthew’s Road
Change of use to large house in multiple occupation (Class Sui Generis)
We support the comments of the local residents and deplore the loss of this substantial family house.

18/00149/F & 18/00144/L – 30 London Street and 13 Castle Meadow
Internal and external alterations associated with change of use to restaurant including provision of external seating area and installation of signage.
This fine building needs to be carefully and sympathetically altered. We suggest that the outside seating area should be reduced.

18/0004/F – 161 Oak Street
Demolition of existing buildings and erection of flats and houses (39 units).
This area would benefit form a good development but the proposed building is out of scale. The proposed blocks are unsympathetic to each other. We also suggest that there should be an affordable housing section within the development. The nearby Great Hall is a listed building and should be taken into consideration for any proposed development.

Projects of Interest

16/01950/O – St Mary’s Works Scheme
The scheme was approved.

16/01936/F – St Margaret’s Works
This was approved despite our objections
Proposed Demolition of Victorian Gas Holder
The Society opposes the demolition of this example of the city’s industrial heritage

Planning Appraisal Committee Comments January 2018

17/01931/F – 21 Kett’s Hill
Erection of first floor extension to provide additional guest apartments (Class C1).
We sympathise with the objections from the neighbours but consider the plans an improvement with imagination being used to make a feature of this ex police station.

17/01280/F – 68 London Street
Creation of roof terrace bar.
We have no objections in principle to the additional height but consider that the walls are too close to the balustrading; therefore it is too visible from below and clashes with the style of the building. We suggest therefore that it should be in a contemporary penthouse style, with the walls set well back from the balustrading.

17/01761/F – 26 & 28 Scarnell Road, NR5 8HT
Two storey side extensions to provide additional rooms for six bedroomed HMO (C4 use)
The Norwich Society deplores the trend of so many viable 3 and 4 bedroomed family houses with gardens, on attractively designed estates, being converted into HMO’s for student lodgings when numerous office buildings are currently being converted to residential use and when so much new purpose-built student accommodation is under construction.