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Signs of Past Times Directory

A directory of plaques, boundary markers, flood level markers and memorials, with a separate section on war memorials from 2018.


Telling the Time in Norwich

In 2017 Committee members decided to look at public clocks and sundials. In this digital age, with phones and watches, it may seem that the need for public clocks has been superseded but the City has a surprising number, many of historical interest and still popular with the public.

Three trails have been also been developed to help you explore Norwich’s publicly-viewable clocks and sundials.


Fragments of Norwich City Walls

This publication from 2015 celebrates the existence of Norwich’s medieval city walls, provides some insights into their history and encourages people to explore them for themselves.


Parks and Open Spaces Report

This is a 2021 atlas and directory of parks and open spaces in Norwich, together with details of volunteer groups that help to look after the sites.

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Views Report

An assessment from 2020 of the views from River Wensum bridges and of the strategic views of the city centre.

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City Centre Seating

In the first half of 2019 the Norwich Society’s Civic Environment Committee conducted a survey of public seating in Norwich city centre. Our findings are presented in this report: we have also produced an atlas which shows the location, nature and capacity of the seating.


The Future of Norwich City Centre

A report from 2019 with ideas and proposals to promote discussion and fresh thinking.


Getting Around in Norwich

This report from 2016 provides our vision for a city centre that is pleasant to walk around, attracts people from far and wide, and is easily accessible to everyone.

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New Transport Technologies and the Future of the City

New Transport Technologies and the Future of the City was published in 2017 to stimulate discussion about the potential impacts of autonomous and electric vehicles on city centres.

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