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The Local List

Norwich has many fine buildings that are important to each local area. Many are not widely known or celebrated, The Norwich Society's Local List covers the area of the City within the outer Ring Road but excludes official Conservation Areas. It is a record of buildings that although not officially 'listed' by Historic England for their national importance, are nevertheless of local significance. All the buildings selected contribute to their area's sense of place by a combination of their architectural or historical significance, or by being of use to the community. Some are local landmarks.

The project began in 2008 when, in consultation with Norwich City Council and English Heritage (as it was then known), a Steering Committee of The Norwich Society planned the project and drew up guidelines for the teams of volunteers who really did 'walk the streets' recording and photographing buildings. Consultations with a panel of three experts and the owners and tenants of the buildings were followed by a public consultation in September 2011, and publication of the final Local List a year later. Norwich City Council agreed in principle that the buildings on the list will form the basis for compiling its own Norwich City Council Local List. While inclusion on the Local List does not afford the same protection as that given to a nationally listed building, it does ensure that 'material consideration' is given when demolition of re-development is proposed.

CRITERIA In order to qualify for inclusion on the draft list all the buildings will have been awarded at least eight points across seven criteria: Townscape; Architecture ; History; Archaeology; Community; Condition ; and Group as follows:

TOWNSCAPE Churches and chapels provide the more obvious landmarks which are focal points of the community, however the contribution of other buildings might not be so obvious: for example the location of a shop on the corner of a terrace street might provide a familiar reference point helping to identify a particular area.

3 Buildings designed by a well known local or national architect e.g. many Edwardian buildings along Unthank Road are designed by A.F.Scott. or a building of unusual design.
2 Good example of the period. Buildings that have attempted to achieve a higher level of aesthetic quality.
1 Buildings that are typical of their period.
0 Some buildings have been designed to be utilitarian i.e. built to perform their function without attempting to be aesthetically pleasing through the adoption of an architectural style or features.

HISTORY This judges buildings on the same principles as those applied to statutory listed buildings, although more importance is attached to later buildings (this is simply because many pre 1840 buildings are already statutory listed if they are anything like their original condition.)
3 pre 1840
2 1840 - 1914
1 1914 - 1945
0 post 1945

4 This identifies buildings that may be conceived as valuable to the local community or the city as a whole.
2 Buildings that have held an event or had a use that is significant for the city as a whole e.g. Hillary House on Unthank Road where Edmund Hilary gave a Christmas Day broadcast to the nation in 1953 following his ascent of Everest.
1 Buildings that may be considered valuable to the local community such as corner shops, community halls, local pubs etc.
0 No Importance

CONDITION (as seen from public views) Due to the nature of the survey it is impossible to ascertain how buildings have been altered at the rear.

3 Buildings that appear to be in original condition.
2 Minor alterations that can easily be reversed, such as windows or chimney stacks.
1 Buildings that have had significant extensions that are visible, such as a garage, but do not adversely affect the appearance of the principal part of the building.
0 Buildings that have been altered to the extent that the original appearance of the building cannot be bought back e.g. a front lean-to extension to a terrace house.

Where buildings are considered to be a group, such as a street of terrace houses or semi detached houses, the group should be considered together (in the same way that statutory listed buildings are sometimes considered for their group value.) An appropriate percentage of the group (for example 80%) should retain the majority of their original features.

The full proposed Local List of 122 buildings includes bridges, churches, factories, housing, offices, public houses, schools and shops.

Adelaide Street

35/37 (Perseverance PH)
111 (Bread and Cheese PH)

Angel Road

Norwich City Sure Start Centre and Angel Road Infant School
Angel Road Junior School

Arlington Lane

Arlington House

Armes Street

City Christian Centre (former Methodist Church)

Aylsham Road

63 (Edward VII PH)
230 (Hamlin Court)
Mile Cross Methodist Church
325 (TA Centre)

Barrack Street

110 (Former Steward and Patteson Brewery Office)
124 (Former Sportsman PH)

Bowthorpe Road

51 (Earlham Cemetery North Lodge)
Norwich Community Hospital
Woodlands House Nurses Home (former Norwich Workhouse)

Branford Road

3 (Branford Stores PH)

Britannia Road

2-8 (even)
Cameron House

Browne Street

West End Retreat PH

Brunswick Road


Bull Close Road

Magdalen Gates School

Buxton Road

1-41 (odd)
4-50 (even)

Caernarvon Road

63 (former Female Refuge and Chapel)

Carshalton Road

Cricket Pavilion

Cecil Road

27-39 (odd)
Hewett School

Christchurch Road

48-58 (even)
51-59 (odd)

City Road

35-43 (odd)
45-85 (odd)
101-105 (odd) (Smithfield Villas)
30-52 (even) (St Marks Terrace)

City Road

Pump House (see also Hall Road)

College Road

1A (Southways)
55-61 (odd) 190/192
200-226 (even)

Colman Road

131- 139 (odd) & 132 -148 (even) (Bunnett Square)
Colman Infant School
Earlham Library

Connaught Road

80 and 80A

Constitution Hill

140 (former Constitution Tavern PH)

Constitution Opening


Dereham Road

1 (former Barn Tavern PH)
5-7 (former Regal Cinema)
225 (former rectory for St Martin at Oak & St Michael Coslany)
303-319 (odd)
147 (Notre Dame Preparatory School)
286 (Former Queen Charlotte PH)
377 (Park Cottage)
1 The Willows (The Willows Lodge)

Dibden Road

Florida Shoe Group/Van Dal Factory

Earlham Road

50-168 (even), 205-221 (odd)
St Thomas’s Church
St Thomas Parish Rooms
Earlham Cemetery: Drinking Fountain
Former Roman Catholic Chapel
Jewish Chapel
South Lodge (for North Lodge see Bowthorpe Road)

Eleanor Road

St Albans Vicarage

Gas Hill

Gas holder

Gertrude Road

99 (Heath House PH)

Grove Road

61 (Trafford Arms PH)

Grove Walk

St Albans Church

Gurney Road

Mousehold Pavilion (Zaks Restaurant)

Hall Road

5a & 87/89
Hewett Yard (Former Lakenham Civil Defence Control Centre)
Railway Bridge
St Marks Boys School
Pump House (also see City Road)

Hardy Road

Laurence Scott Gothic Works

Henley Road

1 (with 48-58
58a (even) Christchurch Road)

Kerrison Road

Laurence Scott Factory

Ketts Hill

25/27 (Ketts Hill Bakery and Ketts Tavern PH)

Knox Road

Norwich Prison

Leicester Street

1 (York Tavern PH)

Lindley Street

67 (former Cricketers Arms PH)

Lower Clarence Road

24 (Tudor House)

Magdalen Road

1 (Artichoke PH)
106 and 108
St Pauls Community Hall
145 (Dyers Arms PH)

Marionville Road

The White House

Martineau Lane

County Hall

Milford Road

Avenue Road School

Mill Close

Railway Bridge

Mousehold Avenue

Silver Road Baptist Church

Mousehold Street

84 (Robin Hood PH)

Nelson Street

11 (Coronation House)

Newmarket Street

149 (Unthank Arms PH)

Pembroke Road

1 (Garden House PH)

Plumstead Road


Recreation Road


Rosebery Road

Methodist Church
94 (Lord Rosebery PH)

Rowington Road

9-19 (odd)

Russell Street

St Barnabas Church

Silver Road

168 & 168A (former Co-op)
Silver Road Baptist Church
Silver Rooms Day Centre
George White Junior School
St Mary Magdalene
9 (The Cottage PH)
217/219 (former shoe factory)

Sloughbottom Park Pavilion

Southwell Road

Railway Bridge

Spencer Street

43 (Marlborough Arms PH)

Sprowston Road

St Georges Catholic Church

St Bartholomew’s Close

1 & 3
3a & 5
2 & 4
6 & 8

St James’ Close


St Leonard's Road

26 (Jubilee Tavern PH)

St Phillip's Road

46 (Belle Vue PH)

Stafford Street

16 (Alexandra Tavern PH)

The Avenues


Thorpe Road

126 (Harbour House)
Jonathan Scott Hall

Turner Road

Wensum Junior School

Unthank Road

106-120 (even)
124-130 (even)

Union Street

1 (Coach and Horses PH)

Warwick Street

2 (Mad Moose PH)

Waterloo Road

91-93 (Duke of Wellington PH)

Waterworks Road

Eastgate Lodge
Pump House 1
Pump House 2