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Design awards About the design awards

The biennial Norwich Society Design Awards encourage and highlight the best of modern architecture.

They began in 2003 with a single award for a recently completed project of outstanding design which was made to Looses for the refurbishment at Orford Yard, Red Lion Street. The more ambitious Awards for New Buildings in 2005 was intended to stimulate interest and critical assessment of contemporary architecture.

The latest design awards took place on 18 October 2017 - view the winners

The intention of the awards is to stimulate interest and critical assessment of local contemporary architecture.

Judging criteria for the 2017 Design Awards:

  • Nominations must be within the City boundary
  • They must have been completed within the last two proceeding years
  • Originality of design, visual impact and scale
  • How well the scheme fits into its context and enhances its local environment, often an historic setting
  • Innovative use of materials and quality of workmanship
  • Environmental impact
  • Importance to the community and adaptability for present and future use.
  • For the Conservation Award emphasis is placed on the use of original and traditional materials, quality of workmanship and adaptability to a new use

Nominations were divided into the following categories:

  • Civic - eg. public spaces and structures
  • Commercial - eg. restaurants, shops
  • Community - eg. schools colleges, public buildings
  • Residential Grouped - Small and large housing developments
  • Residential Single - Single domestic properties
  • Conservation - eg. churches, listed buildings

Nominations can also include interiors which contribute a particularly important improvement to a locality.

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